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Karyn is interviewed by Ask A Hag podcast.

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‘Ask A Hag’ is an advice podcast about self-care and witchcraft in the modern world. This podcast is a place where people ask questions and the Hags provide helpful answers using their knowledge as healers and witches.

Meet the Hags:

Leslie McAllister is the owner of Ceremonial, a metaphysical lifestyle shop located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a witch, tarot reader, and reiki master who specializes in gem medicine and practical magick.

Alison Garber of Land Spirits, is a hedgewitch and ancestral herbalist who is dedicated to waking the witch within by cultivating a deep connection with the wild landscape.

Karyn is interviewed by Carlotta Mastrojanni

the @modernmedicinewoman,   www.carlottamastrojanni.com

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I believe that we all have within us the power to love deeply and to heal.

The new feminine has left behind pain, anger, resentment...the more aggressive parts of the fight. All that, had its place in the unfolding of our story and we can be grateful and let it go.

The path to wholeness lies in the integration of our shadow. In knowing how to rest in all the parts of who we really are, without hiding anything. In the balance of our polarities. And from that place lighting up our lives with incandescent love.

The modern medicine woman is powerful, grounded, sensual, connected to the Earth and Sky and to the cycles of creation. She teaches through kindness and heals with her body. 

You have this unspoken power as a woman; to love with the whole of your body, in ways that soothe and rebirth the masculine and your loved ones.

It is a sweet remembering. One that is always available to you and that replenishes you to your core once accessed. 

Your ally on this journey is your Soul Fire. The kundalini energy that moves through you, that is the same orgasmic energy present within nature. 

You can activate your Soul Fire anywhere in your body but there are five meaningful places where, in this feminine system of healing, you will come to know yourself deeply. And in doing so you will be alchemizing all that is ready to be transformed back into Love. 

You cultivate this power daily, through your body, and with the untiring persistence of a being who longs to open to the tender ecstasies of life.