ITALIAN TRANCE: The Night School.

While there's a lot going on in the world and in our lives right now, this Trance calls us to remember the Clock of Light: the Solstices and

Equinoxes of the Divine Feminine light that offers portals of change and transformation and alignment. On this clock, December 24th

is when the Goddess' light is in the phase of BIRTH, she of the sun and the moon.

From now until December 24th can be embraced as a time where the Universe's heart is searching for the pulses from our hearts,

asking us to make wishes and hopes and dreams about how we want our coming year to look/be/feel and change. In this Night Shool

Trance, we'll journey to the Night School and ask La Signora Del Gioco to attune our heart's desires to the birth of the  Divine Feminine

Light  that will take place on December 24th and solidify the direction of our purpose, service, and creativity for the coming year, so we

are in attunement. 

For those who attend, there will also be spirit messages, so prepare a question! For those who can't attend, I'll be recording this so you

can purchase it as a stream. There will also be an attunement Trance near December 24th to move us into that light of BIRTH.

SATURDAY DEC 19th ONLINE using ZOOM..and repeated on


5pm pst/8pm est. $25.

After your payment, please keep an eye out for an email with your ​zoom link from :

Experience the powerful illuminating energy of Santa

Lucia through a brief guided meditation peppered with traditional Italian prayers.  Each participant receives a personal healing as well. $15.

Sunday  Dec 13  via zoom. 11am pst / 2pm est


There will only be a brief explanation of psychic communi-cation versus channeling with spirit helpers, and a brief talk about ethics of reading presentations. This is not a class for


Mostly, this class is for practicing giving each other channeled messages from our guides, from their guides, and we will also

practice "portrait building".  $15 via zoom.

​Sunday Dec 6, 12pm pst / 3 pm est.

There are 2 options for this  event: choose the date you prefer,

either Dec 19 or Dec 24. 

Enjoy the healing energy of 3 Madonnas invoked by Trance Medium Karyn Crisis using traditional Italian prayers. Be guided through 3  brief meditations to open the stories of these Madonnas. Each participant receives a personal healing as well. $15.

Saturday Dec 5 via zoom. 11am pst / 2pm est

LIVE ONLINE EVENTS!  To Sign up and see specific dates, please go to the  CURRICULUMpage.


REIKI Circle:  $15
In our Reiki circle, we'll be connected by name in a circle of protection,
Karyn will energize the circle by calling upon the power of the rainbow, (did you know that this is an actual healing tradition of rural Sicily?!)  to send energy to the group, then Karyn will spend 5 - 10 minutes on each person pulling out any blockages (mental worry, stresses, etc) and then sending a powerful burst of balancing energy to each chakra and whole body. Then, we'll take just a couple minutes to end energy as a group to our lovely planet. We'll make sure we are grounded and reconnected to a feeling of safety and restoration within our bodies. This will be a shorter session for all, less talking from me and more allowing the energy to flow! 
Santa Lucia Healing: $10
Have you attended my workshops? If so, you've likely seen or experienced me giving healing using the polarity of my hands, and I've also shared photos of this method being used in Sardinia! This is a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful healing that is channeled through me to you from my powerful team of feminine spirit divinities. I love recommending a song to listen to during this session. I'll connect all of us at the start, uniting us in a brief guided heart- centered meditation followed by each person receiving 10-15 minutes of energy from the spirit world of loving feminine divinities to your spirit!

Healing Meditation with Cybele and Iside (Isis)

Channeled healing energy similar to the Santa Lucia experiences. Utilizing a simples guided meditation, Karyn will guide us to

setting a sacred spiritual space before inviting in the presences of Cybele and Iside. Using Polarity, Iside will remove blocks and stagnant energy, Cybele will refill is with the golden light of abundance. Each person will then receive channeled healing. $15
Guided Meditations: $15
These will be lovely journeys that bring us into the wisdom of our own bodies and our ability to connect to the wisdom available to our higher selves. Allow my voice to gently bring relaxation, calm, and joy to you as I guide you along a visual journey that connects you to your own emotions and thoughts, which promotes a wonderful sense of self-trust and safety within!  These will last about 30-40 minutes each. 

Rotating Meditations:

Ancestor Journey This week's Ancestor Journey will take us to meet our Ancestors, known or unknown, and ask them to bestow us with their personal magic as we invite them around the kitchen table.

Journey into your Body to receive messages 


Sicilian Cord Cutting Ritual:  $15 This is a special event, containing information from my forthcoming book "Italian Magic: Secret Lives Of Women" and involves a rural Sicilian cure to cut parasites on an energetic level (that has an effect on the physical realm).  We will enact this conceptually, focusing on something to let go of, while I recite prayers in dialect, leading you through the cord cutting process and encourage you to repeat some of the words in English aloud in the rhythm of a call-and-response. Simple (optional) tools we will use are: cord/thread/string, scissors, cup of water, herbs bundle, and later...salt. You can also imagine using these items if you don't have them. 

TRANCES: Trances are like Guided Meditation plus extra. Karyn will set our circle of Sacred Space and call upon feminine Divinities (Arada, Diana, Ecate, Cibele, Iside, Demetra, Proserpina and as Grande Madre, Grande Dea, Dea Madre) and your own Guides to expand our energy. Our Meditation will raise our vibration up to the high realms

of Infinite Knowlege, then we'll journey deep into Ancient Wisdom on earth. The entire Guided Meditation is peppered with Italian invocations and prayers. Sound is the vehicle that allows Karyn's team of Divinities to enter our circle and support everyone's energy in the way each person is ready to receive it.  Some people feel their own Guides more clearly,  others receive visitations from  ancestors...


Santa Lucia  Trance:  This  will be a repeat of the previous Santa Lucia Trance, asking us for her protection and clarity, both in creative vision and in mental thoughts. However, it won't be an exact repeat, because of course Santa Lucia is a living consciousness, not an idea, so her presence and energy will decide the movement of the Trance.  For those of you who've attended the Santa Lucia Trance before, you might agree her energy is very powerful! It's also interesting to note that when we asked her for messages, instead of responding to our personal questions (as in a typical reading) she focused us on how WE can be of service to the world around us! It was SURPRISING even for me! Because it was very NEW as a style of giving messages, but it seems even more poignant now considering our world condition. I will offer messages from Santa Lucia during this trance, so attendance will be limited. 

Signora del Gioco Trance : In this Trance we will journey to both the moon and a rustic cabin, using Italian tradition to call in the energies of La Signora del Gioco: the shamanic abundance Goddess of rural Italy. Spirit messages for all.

Signora del Gioco Dance of the Masks Trance : In this Trance we will work with the Abundance Goddess La Signora del Gioco and invite her to take us on a journey of the maschera "mask" tradition of Italy's witches! Sure to be an exciting experience. Mini spirit messages  for all who attend!

Become the Wolf Protectress Trance with mini messages from Diana and Hekate. :  In this guided meditation peppered with Italian invocations, we will learn a bit about the history of wolves in rural Italian spiritual traditions and journey into the wolf to experience the world around us in a new way and to also offer healing where it is needed on our earth with the assistance of the Goddesses Diana and Hekate. Mini messages from Diana and Hekate.

Healing Trance of the 7 Serpents with Goddesses Iside and Cibele (Kybele ): This week in our Trance with the Goddesses Iside of Serpents and Mountain Mother Cybele (Kybele), we will experience the Healing of the 7 Serpents ritual of Iside after which we will be restored with the Golden Light of Cybele's Abundance. The Trance itself will be preceded by a brief talk about the presence of serpents in feminine spiritual traditions and the use of polarity in Italian rural cures to set the tone of the Trance. After the Trance Karyn will offer mini messages from both Iside and Cibele. As usual, this trance will be

peppered with prayers and invocations in Italian.

Reclaiming the Underworld: Trance with Demetra and Persefone.

In this week's Trance focused on reclamation of lost power and restoration, we will visit the Underground of myth and re-write the rape culture story of The Myth of the Descent and restore it to its naturally Divine Feminine violence-free landscape. Messages for all who attend. $25   Saturday May 2, 6pm pst, 9 pm est

Trance Spirit Circle roundtable with the Divine Feminine. Traditional Trance, where trance Medium Karyn Crisis will simply recite the Italian prayers and invocations as an honorarium at the start of the evening and follow  by addressing our group with an overview message from the collective Divine Feminine. After, each person can ask a specific question and receive a reading, or just say "for me" to receive a blind reading. The Divinities present are: Aradia, Diana, Iside, Hekate, Cibele, Santa Lucia, La Signora del Gioco. $25 . Saturday May 23, 5pm pst/ 8pm est. Special Event.

Italian Prayer/Invocation/Rhyme Workshop.

In this Workshop, you're learn an Italian prayer (or 2!), an invocation and a nursery rhyme with hidden symbolism, along with the English translations, and you will receive this in pdf form as the
class begins. We'll practice pronunciation together and then practice all of them aloud in a guided way, creating a simple ritual with the power of sound and word. $20. Friday ay 1, 5pm pst/8pm est

Channeling 2: Building Spirit Portraits. 

In this Channeling Module 2 Class we'll learn about different types of Guides, what they have to offer, how they differ and how to connect with them for the purpose of giving readings to others or for our own growth. We'll practice going deeper into our impressions of Spirit by asking specific questions, allowing us to build better portraits of whom we are in the presence of. 
In the Live Training, we'll put all this together to connect with different types of Guides of our own choosing as well as the Guides of others! $20  Sunday May 3rd, 1pm pst/4pm est.

Channeling Practice Circle: Practice giving readings and inspired speeches in a variety of ways during this class that combines

methods from Channeling 1 and 2 Training.

​Magne Nere's new class for Mediums:   "Emergency Spirit Management"
"Tragedies and their victims can put every Medium under a huge amount of stress. It's important to learn how to healthily manage ourselves and the spirits that will seek our guidance in times as hard as the one we are living in now. This lesson contains a series of solutions that would allow you to communicate with spirits and help them crossing over and find peace."

Magne Nere's new class for Golden Bough School Online. In this lesson we are going to explore a series of ideas about how to use simple magic to improve our lives during Covid-19 isolation and, in general, any global tension situation. Learn how to purify and protect yourself and your home and attract abundance and serenity with simple but effective techniques based on my experience as a Friulian witch and fence crosser in Italy during the 2020 pandemic shutdown. $20 Streaming online anytime.

Spirit Healing with Santa Lucia: For those who have attended my previous workshops, this is the healing I have demonstrated with the polarity of my hands. It looks just like this photo from Sardinia that I've shown you before (seen above). I'll be inviting, along with my usual team of Goddess helpers, Santa Lucia. This will be a brief session, a short guided meditation to heal and power us up, asking Santa Lucia for protection and healing and closing by requesting her healing on the world.  $10
Sunday March 29, 2pm est/ 5pm pst


Interested in becoming a Healer? Reiki can be a great way to start. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I've opened my REIKI I CLASS LIVE here.
It's arranged as  4 one-hour classes, $25 each class ($100 total) 
While I can't give in-person initiations right now, if you live in the Bay Area, you're welcome to meet me in person when we're able to complete this course by getting you initiation from me. For now, I'm teaching the information part of this class along with an activation during the 4th you'll be set up with everything you need to start practicing as a Reiki Healer. The 
final step will be receiving your initiation/attunement in person- from me or another Reiki Master Teacher. If you choose to be initiated by me in the future, the extra cost is $100. 


Can't find a date that works for you? Please feel free to email me! If I can get a small group together  (you and a couple friends or I can take a suggested date and open it to others)  I am likely able to make a customized date gathering for you.
I'm aware there are many different time zones among attendees.

Although I prefer to use for these, I am also able to use skype !

To sign up either 1: use Newsletter box on home page with subject :book q/a" (you can opt out of Newsletter) or

2. email me "book q/a"

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