"Le corna"  The Hand with the sign of the Horns in  silver and black enamel paint

This hand gesture is used to deflect the evil eye, 

"il malocchio." Additionally I saw a Lineage healer in

Tuscany use it to cure "il fuoco di sant' Antonio.

From Naples. 
​SIZE: 1"  
$25.00  + $3.50  S/H 

 ALTAR  Brush
This little "saggina" (or small broom) is one I personally use to brush

clean my altar space. It's also lovely for sweeping up bits of plants

and dried herbs. From Benevento. 

SIZE: 5" tall, 4.5" at widest point

$6.00 + $3.00  S/H  SOLD OUT


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$24.99 + $4 S/H


CIMARUTA Silver Necklace Charm
This silver charm is from Naples. It is an apotropaic charm, meaning

its purpose is to protect the wearer against negative energy.

Each of the little items symbolizes a power of the Great Goddess.

$75.00 + $3.50  S/H                    SIZE:  2:"

BUONA  FORTUNA , the Goddess of Fortune and Good Luck, blindfolded with hair like serpents, representing faith in the Goddess on the Path...from Naples, Silver.

$70.00  + $3.50  S/H 


OCCHI Incense. Remedy to release the Evil Eye and clear the air.
Burn one a day on a charcoal tablet: 7 balls correspond to the

7 days of the week   and the 7 chakras. Old Italian recipe. 
$13.00/ set of 7 + $3  S/H  READ MORE HERE: 

Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium

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Strega doll from Triora

plastic body, fabric, saggina (thin plant fiber) broom.

Found everywhere,

much like the owl,

as a protection.

Adjustable feet,

hangs from string

coming from top

of hat.
​SIZE 8"

$15  + $3.50   S/H 


SOLD OUT- More coming soon!


BROOM charm in silver  
The broom is considered a protective charm against negative energy,  even against "witches" in Italy (the invented "witch", the evil woman) but it serves as an apotropaic charm much like the horseshoe. The belief is that whomever is sending you negative energy will be caught up in having to count all the broom hairs and get lost before their energy finds its way to you. Of course it's also a symbol of the power of a woman and her house, 

STAMPED: GUAI SPAZZA, which means  "sweeping away the trouble" . From Naples.

SIZE: 2" tall, 3/4" at widest

$40.00 + $3.50  S/H 

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Red Coral with silver link.

This protective charm is red coral from Naples. It's branch shape and red color have long had  protective, apotropaic

functions in Italy.

$60.00 + $3.50  S/H