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‚ÄčLa Signora del Gioco

Suffumigi is the Italian word for "fumigations" or, dried herbs and items burned for medico-magical clearing. Esseintally, this is incense without binders or processing. This workshop explains the ingredients, a specific process for how to use this, and some recipes along with brief info on the herbs used and their importance. 


Link to Thinkific HERE

Link to Thinkific HERE

Karyn Crisis interviewed by Carlotta Mastrojanni

This is our new address!  https://goldenboughschool.thinkific.com/   Some classes will still be available below and on the Live Events page till the end of the year as all is integrated.

100 Flowers Water, also called l'acqua di san giovanni among other names, is a magical water

prepared the week of June 23rd, arriving at completion on June 24th. This mini workshop

explains the water, some of the beliefs behind it,

and a variety of options to prepare it.

Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit CHANNEL