Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium

Though I was born a natural medium, highly aware of the spirit world and with little choice but to interact with it, I didn’t know the rules. I was aware of what I call two categories of spirits: the Helpers (angels, teachers, healers, ones with knowledge..the supporters) and the other ones (ghosts, ancestors, lost spirits…) ones that were not teachers nor helpers, often ones who were not even friendly.

My own guardian guide would push me to train as a spiritualist medium (something I ddin’t even know existed at the time). She guided me to my place of study where I’d quickly become a teacher of beginner’s and advanced mediumship, a platform Medium, and a healer.

In this traditional Spirit Circle format, I found myself testing my skills in a group setting, overseen by an NSAC certified spiritualist minister who provided me with: an energetically safe, clean and organized space, taught me how to organize my own skills, and most importantly, opened a channel, literally, for Italian divinities and ancestors to communicate with me and lead me on a most interesting past of finding feminine traditions, learned orally and maintained in secrecy.

This is a hopeful message for anyone trying to reconnect with their family traditions (but who have no living relatives to learn directly from) or wanting to know these cultural teaditions which are never written down in their entirely, and which all rely on a component of channeled wisdom from the spirit world. It’s hopeful, because with the skills of channleing and mediumship, it’s possible to reconnect to these oral traditions, because the ancestors and divinities are active, living, consciousness. The skills to communicate with people who are no longer in fleshy bodies simply needs to be learned, practiced and understood through the experiences of practice and testing.

Because the Italian traditions I write about are shamanism (and not ritualistic nor ceremonial magic), it is essential to learn the language of the spirit world, because it is the spirit world of Goddesses and Divinities, healers and helper who hold the knowledge of the traditions and, in shamanistic tradition, are the true teachers who unfold the lessons and growth to the earthly student. 

Each class will build upon the next, teaching you:

=The laws of energy (so you can use them)
=how to work in a spirit circle
=how to channel
=a variety of ways to connect with your guides
=how to practice giving messages from guides to others
=spirit healing
=Italian traditions of rural Italy
=how to connect and communicate with your ancestors
=how to be safe, in high-quality company when opening to the spirit world.
=the importance of having a Guide or team of Guides and the many ways this can turn your life into a sacred daily way of learning and living


You will be emailed a variety of materials.

If you prefer to receive them in paper form, just let me know!
 spiritualist guidelines and ethics
natural law information and how to use them
psychic science info behind this
book recommendations
Techniques and exercises

Upon payment, you’ll be sent a secret code to enter into the ZOOM link to take you into the online class.

You can miss classes, but you cannot skip classes. I’ll do my best to have two study groups, so if you miss a class you can take it with others before moving onto the next.

Since the classes build upon the next, and we will practice exercises together,  you won’t be able to skip one before moving on. While I used to teach time-limited classes (6 weeks), there is such an abundance of learning to be done, in my opinion 6 weeks

is not enough time to learn for some people.

This open-enrollment offers each student to choose what's right for them. Including

whether or not this feels right for you, So, you can take the first class and if you are

not feeling a good match, you're free to not return, no financial investment lost.

COST: $20-$25 per class. Most classes will cost $20, some with more materials will

cost $25. Each class will have its price listed. LENGTH: 1.5-2 hours each.

The focus of this school is to teach channeling, mediumship, and the techniques to do this in a clean, empowered, protected way as a foundation for reconnecting with Italian traditions (but not limited to).

The school is designed to prepare your communication skills with the spirit world (and plants and animals) so you can reconnect yourself with your own Italian path, be in traditional indigenous daily rituals of Mother Magic or a wandering witch/priestess type path.

These ways have been created by and unfolded to us from the spirit world of Divinities (Feminine), Goddesses, spirit helpers and ancestors; they are shamanism. Therefore, it’s essential you learn how to prepare yourself to be a clean channel for the Divinities to work through, if they choose, to communicate and work with you, if they choose, and to communicate with your ancestors, if they choose, and to recognize the way these relationships develop.

For example, I can teach you several versions of the Malocchio cure…in action only. The key that makes the lineage cures, as I call them in my book “Italy’s Witches And Medicine Women  Vol 1” are the secret invocations that invite the channeled energy of the Female Divinity to work through the healer to the healee. I have been handed down, on Christmas eve, an invocation, but I cannot share it. However, from an inside understanding, and with guidance from the Spirit world, I can prepare you to be a channel fo the Divinities, then they can work through you and teach your directly. 

In CLASSES you will learn: 


and more...

You will not find: how to make curses.
You will not find romantic, imaginary ideas
You will not find anything looking like wicca, ceremonial magic or any other male-created hierarchy

For the month of April, we're opening all classes to all, meaning that you do not have to take GB Class 1 to be eligible for other classes. Please do keep in mind that class does explain the basis of the rest of Karyn's classes, being that the power behind the cures, exercises, and Trances comes from the spirit

world of Guides, Goddesses, and  Divinities. This work is based on the rural Italian world of daily sacred magic and healing that is done in partnership with

various forms of the Divine Feminine. 


Channeling is a process of tuning your vibration and awareness to beings, such as Guides, Goddesses, Healers, Philosophers, and eve your higher self, who have more knowledge and abilities than you do.

Guides of all types are available to teach, to heal, to guide, to co-create, and more. They have dedicated their own existence to helping those who seek growth. Their vibrations, being non-physical, can feel quite subtle, so working together to "meet" halfway to make communication possible is what training is for.



Please feel free to email me with questions:


HOW it works

Mediumship is the practice of communicating with spirit people such as 

relatives, astral bound "ghosts" and other spirit people to demonstrate that life continues on after death of the physical body.

In these classes we will only connect with Guides and relatives, and you will learn that it is possible to be selective with both channeling and mediumship and how to set boundaries and navigate the spirit world with the Laws of Energy.

RULES of SCHOOL: Book your own class date. Every two weeks I'll post dates and time zones for classes. You are welcome to book  what works for you. 

HOWEVER, YOU MUST TAKE CLASS 1 before you book other classes because it is the foundation upon which we'll approach all other classes. If you book another class before enrolling in or completing CLASS 1, your payment will be

refunded. While all classes do build upon the previous one in a certain flow, you are free to choose the order in which you try classes.

IF YOU DON'T SEE a class that works for you, please email me: karyncrisismedium@gmail.com. While I believe group classes are the best environment for many of the exercises we'll practice, I  am absolutely willing to work with you one-on-one

if I have time to accommodate your schedule or start new Class group dates. I intent to keep the classes available year-round.

IF YOU HAVE MISSED dates for earlier classes, please email me and I can book new group dates or offer one-on-one sessions if I have time to accommodate your schedule.

AFTER you book your class, I will email you the code to get into the ZOOM class zone online. I will also ask your permission to email any pdf materials for the class. Would you prefer print-outs? Just let me know.

ZOOM.us is what we'll use to meet online.

HOMEWORK: Along with in-class exercises, you'll also be given  homework that is experiential.  While you're not required to share all the details  of your experiences, please be prepared to share  what you'd like...it's a valuable resource for your classmates to learn from you, to be inspired by you, and to learn a variety of ways these experiences can be verbalized. I'll be doing the same thing right along with you.

QUESTIONS: I love questions. Please always questions to help  clarify ideas, ask questions about things that come to mind

during our time together, ask questions ! IN ADDITION, if you have a question between one of your classes and the next, please  email me...I only ask that you try to limit it to one question so I can make sure to have time to answer everyone. REMEMBER​ that the Guides will also answer your questions...perhaps one  enters your mind after class...and if you let it grow in your mind a day or so, then try one of the recommended exercises, you might find your answer comes to you!

For the Study and Practice of  Indigenous Italian Shamanism, Daily Sacred Magic,  Channeling, and Mediumship


PAY per class