Classes  focusing on CHANNELING, psychic development, mediumship and universal law

                                       THANK YOU for your interest in GOLDEN BOUGH SCHOOL Online!

The passion of this school from the start has  been to make information accessible to people for their own empowerment,  information that may feel difficult to find or attain, information that can help put puzzle pieces of magical lives together.

This school is a Spirit-guided school,  based on the Abundance principles of the Universe and of the Divine Feminine  Night School of Italy and its teachers: La signora del gioco, the Great Fairies, and the Ladies of Outside, Madonna of the East...Classes and workshops are based on some conn-

ection and communication with high quality spirit helpers. While you can certainly learn without channeling and instead DIY conceptualize ideas

found here, the rural Italian traditions are based on it.

This school began with a focus on Rural Italian traditions which are shamanic: meaning, they activate with the permission of the spirits who created them, traditions normally  inherited through family lines (or from the Night School via astral travel for  those who are disconnected from their family lines). However,  these traditions don't have methods for: improving channeling  skills  nor mediumship practices nor psychic work  in the way most of us understand them in contemporary times.

So in addition to these rituals and traditions, GOLDEN BOUGH SCHOOL now also offers supplemental classes focused on  exercises  for: channeling, mediumship skills, and psychic work along with contemporary views on the ancient principles the rural traditions  are based on.

The Divine Feminine Spirits who guide this school feel :

It's important for people to know that they are valid and their individual spiritual experiences are valid. And they aim to offer information that will make sense of dreams, experiences and more that may not have explanations in other paths. This school  offers a landing  pad for those who are DISCOVERING they are on a path, a path that FOUND THEM and is UNFOLDING ITSELF to them..but an ancient path that doesn't have a printed Guidebook. As a landing pad, you're meant to remember to trust  your wings and fly from here guided by your own heart: empowered, regenerated, and most of all, trusting yourself and your own  path that you forge from here onward.

                                                                            2 MAIN CATEGORIES OF SEASON 2 of GOLDEN BOUGH SCHOOL ONLINE: 

For the Study and Practice of  Indigenous Italian Shamanism, Daily Sacred Magic,  Channeling, and Mediumship

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Classes  focusing on RURAL ITALIAN traditions and application of universal law. 

also home of THE NIGHT SCHOOL, where we fly to meet La Signora del Gioco

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