PRIVATE TRAINING gives us an opportunity to work intimately together on your spiritual goals. If you've ever received a Reading from me you know I offer lots of information, exercises and encouragement.

I TEACH: professional level channeling and mediumship skills along with spirit healing, so even if you're a beginner you're receiving the same quality of training that professional Mediums at Lily Dale, for example, receive. I also teach Reiki I and II at a distance, and Italian rural traditions. Whether you're looking to channel divinities, practice magic from an Italian rural source, help lost spirits cross over, improve your own channeling abilities already in use, or to become a more powerful healer, it's possible we can work together to expand

your knowledge, abilities and spiritual problem-solving. I also give rural Italian traditions-focused private training.

NEW: supplemental Private Training for Students who have completed Healing with the Divine Feminine 5 weeks Course. Use this 

20 minute session to received intuitive guidance and questions answered on the work you're doing with this course, and practice

channeling and healing with Karyn. 

MY GOAL: is the goal of my Guides in Spirit- to empower you, to help you trust yourself and your abilities, and to embrace your individual

path, no matter which techniques you gravitate towards Trusting yourself, your soul's wisdom, and your own internal navigational system is the focus. 

STANDARD TRAINING: One hour (which usually runs 1 hour 15 minutes).  The 45 minute session is for a quick work-together discussed

beforehand, for example, communicating with and clearing spirits from your home, ritual only, supplemental work.



Please email Karyn prior to purchasing your Reiki Training Sessions to set  dates:

REIKI Class Payment Options


1 hour 15 minutes,   $115


35  minutes,   $60

Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium

Please email Karyn prior to purchasing your Private Training Session to set a date: