Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium


What to expect from READINGS :  During readings I connect with and rely on my Spirit Guides for words  of encouragement about your situation to reveal, for example:  direction of your life path, details about your spiritual gifts, why you are facing a challenge,  what spiritual tools are available to you for your immediate growth, and how you are holding you own energy in your body.  I begin your reading by presenting you with what the Guides are telling me about you and your situation. There is plenty of time for you to ask questions and help direct your reading into whatever direction you'd like it to go. 

Interestingly, my clients report that the Guides often answer their questions before they even ask them.  But questions are welcome! 

While answers are validating, My Guide Team usually recommends meditation and/or ritual exercises for you to do after the reading to activate you as a part of your own transformation.

My readings have changed over the years, which is one of the exciting things about working with the Spirit World.

Since I've written my book, information coming out of Readings has moved in the direction of: retrieval of family  lineage practice and  Initiations from passed-on relatives, which can help patch together your own framework for  your own path with a renewed reconnection to your ancestors. 

My Guide team has also been offering  support for women finding themselves on a modern priestess path whose pull is towards the ancient feminine ways of being in service to a Goddess and how to recognize is this is where you are being guided.

As a Medium I can also connect with your passed-on relatives, friends, and loved ones. I offer this service during in-person readings only at this time. This does require me to slow down my vibration quite a bit from the very fast vibration of Guides to the slower-moving energy of more

recently earthly beings. If we are not meeting in person, please just email me the name of your relative prior to your reading.

If you're in a very low mood, it's likely information and encouragement coming to you from  a reading will be a challenge for you to digest. A reading requires your participation in desiring to empower yourself through change. 

In a reading, my Guides tend to focus on the coming months,  encouraging you with meditation structure or awareness tips or simple rituals involving natural elements on how to come into peace with yourself and to let go of what’s holding you back . These are actions you have to make.

The power of your emotions, your thoughts, and your spirit's perspective all come into play to encourage your most expansive potential.