Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium

What to expect from READINGS :  During readings I connect with and rely on my Spirit Guides for words of encouragement about your situation to reveal, for example:  direction of your life path, details about your spiritual gifts, why you are facing a challenge,  what spiritual tools are available to you for your immediate growth, and how you are holding you own energy in your body.  I begin your reading by presenting you with what the Guides are telling me about you and your situation. There is plenty of time for you to ask questions and help direct your reading into whatever direction you'd like it to go. Interestingly, my clients report that the Guides often answer their questions before they even ask them. 

I also like to use examine underlying patterns and agreements your soul has made with your areas of expression in this particular life: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I use three different decks for this reading and will email you the results. This can offer helpful insight if you are feeling stuck, if you are recognizing patterns in your own life you find hard to break, and if you're working to become in alignment with your life's soul purpose.

‚Äč As a Medium I can also connect with your passed-on relatives and friends to ask for words of encouragement, for technical information about their passing, to find out where they are now with their own spiritual growth, or to help those needing  to complete their death transition. Medium readings are not limited to earthly people, however. These readings also allow me to connect with your own Spirit and Cultural Guides. Your own Guides adore your unique qualities and offer suggestions on how to follow a healing path of a specific type, offer meditations or rituals from a particular cultural tradition, and other insights to assist  in reconnecting you with your ancient lineage.

 are $45/30 minutes. $85/60 minutes, and can be done by telephone or Skype video calls.  Please email to set appointment prior to making your purchase: karyncrisismedium@gmail.com

Medium Readings

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