Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit CHANNEL

ISBN- 978-0-578-99689-9 


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148 pages, black and white, $16.99

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24. Dreaming Of What’s To Come

​​​25. Feeling Others
26. Tuxedo
27. Remote View
28. Playing With Time
29. My Man Voice
30. Estate Sale
31. New Year’s Death
32. Witch Hunt
33. Surrender To The Unknown
34. Ghosts V Guides
35. Creepythings
36. Double Trouble
37. Freak Magnet
38. Conduit
39. Hotel Intruder
40. Initiation
41. Tarot
42. Summoning
43. Catching Thieves
44. Shape Shifting
45. Soul Retrieval

For Karyn Crisis…musician, artist, writer, and channeler with a

promethean creative vision, life is a quest.

And for each new journey the quest brings, the veil between life on earth and the invisible world of spirit becomes more permeable, as she finds herself a visitor in both worlds, weaving together the lessons they offer in alchemy.

The stories in this book are a small collection of Karyn’s experiences with the
supernatural in mundane, daily life,  scenarios, and how the magic of the Universe permeates even her darkest times, encouraging her to expand beyond circumstances, inspiring her to overcome limitations.

From the time period of her early childhood to just after leaving her first band
of 13 years, she:
-died and came back to life
-healed a cat who opened her heart
-dreamed the collective future
-performed her own soul retrieval
-was one of the first women to front a heavy music band and tour internationally
-pioneered a new singing style blending masculine strength and feminine flow;
-discovered her abilities to communicate with the world of spirits..

and she determined that we can either take all we inherit from the world we are born into, or we can create the environment we choose for ourselves, and this creation supports our growth in the direction of what we seek.

1. Levitation
2. Death + Resurrection
3. Love Heals
4. Over My Body
5. Triplicate
6. Flying Indoors
7. Night Gatherings
8. Iron Lady
9. Seeing The Future
10. Ghosted
11. Ocean Omphalos
12. Fire In The Night
13. Angels In The Darkness
14. Wisdom Of My Violin
15. I Heard It From The Trees
16. The Saving Grace Of Disembodied Voices
17. Time Jump
18. Dating In The Twilight Zone
19. Entranced
20. Winged
21. Art In The Air
22. Golden White Light Of Death
23. Out With The Old, In With The New