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This fully illustrated book by Karyn Crisis, author of "Italy's Witches And Medicine Women

​Vol 1. reveals the hidden community rituals and traditions of rural Italy where women were

the sole operators of daily sacred magic and men served a role of protection.

Within this book are the foundations of what later became conceptual magic, orignally

​born in the domestic goddess culture of Italy.

Topics and Chapters not limited to:

BIRTH rituals                                         DIVINATIONS                            MOON phase uses

DEATH rituals                                        FERTILITY MAGIC                   CAVES

psychic and physical CURES               FLIGHT                                        PRAYERS

protective PLANTS                                IL MALOCCHIO                        SUFFUMIGI

LOVE magic                                            THE SECRET                              Rituals of Sicily, 

AMULETS                                               BREAD MAGIC                           Umbria, Calabria,

PROTECTION magic                            FLYING OINTMENTS              Campania, Romanga,

BODY fluids                                            BINDING                                     Sardinia and more...

Karyn Crisis trained as a platform Medium under an NSAC certified Spiritualist Minister, and she has become sought-after in the Bay Area for classes, workshops, private readings and public demonstrations. Her work has taken a turn towards historical recovery focused on reclaiming Ancient Wisdom received through the Old Ways. This feminine, receptive practice of devotional Mediumship offers empowerment in our modern times through connecting us to our still-living legacy of the Medicine Women, Wise Women, and “Witches” of the past, as well as to their Goddess Guides and Teachers.

Karyn returns to Italy this mid summer to work on 

Italy's Witches and Medicine Women VOLUME 2 !

Book cover design by Daniel Hamilton Jones, 2017.

[Karyn at the remains of Tempio di Diana, Lago di Nemi, Italy}

Karyn Crisis never had the chance to decide if the spirit world was real or imaginary. She has been able to sense the "unseen world of  passed-on relatives, angels, and ghosts since childhood.  Training as a Spiritualist Medium as an adult, she became a popular platform Medium and healer in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2009, she took a fateful trip to Italy’s Tuscany Region, which would have a lasting impact far beyond what she could have ever imagined:

 Goddesses from Italy's history suddenly began appearing to Karyn as clearly as other spirit people had,  and they began transmitting to her the information of a most interesting cultural melting pot in Italy that gave rise to its unique and complex spiritual landscape. Among the information shared was the knowledge  of Italy's own indigenous Lineage healing, a female shamanism hiding in-plain-sight that can be traced back to pre-pagan times.  One thing was clear: Mediumship was and is the cornerstone of all these traditions by advancing the quality of life through previously hidden knowledge from the spirit world handed down to earth. 



Chapter 1: “A Sweeping Herstory:The Hidden Womb of Witchery”
Chapter 2: “Reclaiming Italy’s Witchery from Patriarchy’s Paganism”
Chapter 3:  “Categories of Italian Witches”
Chapter 4: “Women of the Mountains of the North West"​

Chapter 5: “Curing Traditions of the Ligurian Region’s Silver Valley”

Chapter 6: “The Good Witches of Emilia-Romagna of Central-North and Northeastern Italy”

Chapter 7: “Il Malocchio”
Chapter 8: "Le Stregone, Le Maghi, Le Guaritori" (The Sorcerers, The Wizards, the Healers)

Chapter 9: “Possession, Channeling, Ecstatic Trance, Exorcism”
Chapter 10: “Caccia Alle Streghe:” (The Witch Hunt )
Chapter 11: “Young  Witches in  Modern Italy”
Chapter 12: “The Region of Campania"
Chapter 13: “The Importance of the Color Black in Italy’s Witchery”
Chapter 14: “Carlo Napolitano’s Bewitched Triangle of Benevento"
​Chapter 15: "Goddesses in Italy”
Chapter 16: “ La Signora del Gioco”​

Chapter 17: “ “How the Goddess Became the Devil”
Chapter 18: “Benandanti:: “Guardians of the the Threshold”
Chapter 19: “Magic versus Mediumship”
​Chapter 20: “What’s In A name”
Chapter 21: “Conclusion"

ISBN: 978-0-692-96138-4

  Golden Bough Books

          339 pages



[visiting Erborista Doriana's land in Castellarone, Italy]

Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women Volume 1 not only documents the information Karyn gathered through the 23 people she interviewed,in 7 different regions,  but it also provides a comprehensive spiritual history of the "Italian Witch" and reveals an important matrilineal living practice supplanted by the patriarchal invasions of  pre-pagan times, whose acts of repression still affect the world today. 

Along with documentation  of a  groundbreaking history of women, you will also find practical tips on how to prepare yourself to reconnect with this female Lineage. Between each chapters Karyn reveals her visionary journey to this evidential history in short stories called "Secrets," sure to bring understanding and illumination to your journey into the world of Spirit.

 Karyn has also developed "Italy's Witches and Medicine Women" into a Lecture Series with video interview footage, photos, and a brief overview of the enormous body of information her book contains.

[syncretized pre-pagan Goddess statue, Carlo Napolitano's bewitched triangle, from his book "Il Triangolo Stregato...]

Each of the ingredients in this incense has properties that target inflammation, whether inflammation of the skin (Calamus root), inflammation of the digestive tract (Laurel), and lungs (Myrtle) inflammation of the eyes (Laurel) inflammation of the skin (almonds) of the heart (Olive), inflammation of wounds (Honey), to be quite brief. They all offer purification, toning, and healing of inflammation. Inflammation, we can say, is a reaction, a response to negative stimuli...the body creating a "symptom" that begs to be listened to internally. What are your emotions saying about your current condition?

Laurel, for example, was used to improve "eyesight" and "second-sight," by the Pythia (female oracles) at Delphi. Among the  Italian healers and witches I met and remain in contact with in Italy, health is considered something to be influenced by the mind - your own mind, it's thoughts and emotions, as well as the minds of other spirits-both helpers like Guides and Goddesses, or negative spirits, or the envious thoughts of other earthly people. This incense recipe's intention is to clear your environment of negativity that's the result of spirits or envy, and it's also supportive of you becoming aware of your own thoughts and emotions, so that you can acknowledge what you want to let go of and empower yourself to do so, and move forward feeling lighter, more clear-minded, and in tune with how your own mind works.

You can simply burn one ball each day and let the herbs purify the "inflammation" of negativity, or you can intentionally be aware, each day of the 7 you will burn an incense ball, of your own process of acknowledging change you'd like to make and how your body, mind, and spirit respond as you intend to do so for the course of 7 days.


[walut shells that led me to the river, Stretto di Barba]

Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium

[on the riverbank of the Sabato River in the Stretto di Barba]

To see the VIDEO I made before my second research trip to ITALY, you can go to my Generosity page to view my original premise...

{Karyn and strega Antonietta, Triora]


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{Filomena makng "occhi" for Karyn, control il malocchio (against the evil eye) Guardia, Sanframondi

 Following the guidance of the Goddesses, Karyn returned to Italy where she embarked on a long and intensive research study. Taking cures from "streghe," meeting herbalists on mountain tops, experiencing a 6 hour ancestral fire ritual with secret shaman called Benandanti, having a past-life curse released through making "occhi," interviewing local authors and museum curators and archivists and folk lore experts, living among locals and walking on the remains of the Goddess Diana's 2,000 year old temple, Karyn found the historical evidence to support what the Goddesses had shown her in visions.

Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women Volume 1 not only documents the information Karyn gathered through the 23 people she interviewed, but it also provides a comprehensive spiritual history of the "Italian Witch" and reveals an important matrilineal living practice supplanted by the patriarchal invasions of  pre-pagan times, whose acts of repression still affect the world today.