Karyn Crisis is  a spiritual Medium, channeling guidance from the Spirit world to empower you on your current path.  Karyn's readings are for clients wishing to receive messages on: daily life concerns, suggestions for psychic development and spiritual path support, or for those wishing to contact passed-on relatives, friends or loved ones for supplemental information.

Karyn is a  Teacherof Mediumship (the system of channeling and communicating with the Spirit World based on the Master Teachings) to beginners as well as already practicing Mediums, natural born sensitives, and psychic trainees. Karyn has trained people in many occult practices to deepen and clarify their own work with the Spirit world such as: witches, healers, empaths,  modern shaman and druids, ghost hunters, tarot readers, spiritualists, skeptics, and psychic seekers.

Karyn’s  Writings are  currently focused on reclaiming Ancient Wisdom received through the Old Ways. This feminine, receptive practice of devotional Mediumship offers empowerment in our modern times through connecting us to our still-living legacy of the Medicine Women, Wise Women, and “Witches” of the past, as well as to their Goddess Guides and Teachers.  Karyn’s own Guides are working with her to document these Master Teachings as they have been taught by Goddess Guides since ancient times.

Karyn is currently in Italy interviewing and researching the natural healing practices of "streghe", Nonna healers, and the genocide of the Inquisition. She is turning this research into a book and is currently presenting lectures on this material.   karyncrisismedium@gmail.com                    

I'm Karyn Crisis. As a psychic Medium, I work with the Spirit World in several ways: as a communicator, delivering messages from the spirit world to our earthly one; as a teacher, working with a team of Spirit Guides to give: readings, workshops, interactive classes, and personal training, which  make "occult" information understandable to you wherever you are on your spiritual journey;  and as a healer.

My Guides offer  technical information about how the Universe works and what happens to consciousness after its separation from the physical body during the transition of "death." They offer explanations of the system of energy behind all modalities and practices. They are passionate, as I am, about reconnecting people to their own psychic senses and ability to channel in a clean, high-quality, organized way.

My passion is teaching the art of channeling, also referred to as MEDIUMSHIP.
Mediumship is like an "apprenticeship;" it's an art where the apprentice (the Medium)  continually learns from Spirit World teachers of higher-consciousness. It's an exciting way to learn directly from a variety of people in the Spirit world, and who better to teach us about the Spirit world than those living in it! Working regularly with Guides is like having  personal coaches who understand you inside and out, who support your creative vision, who understand your purpose, and help organize your unfoldment.

Channeling is a practice that has been part of human life since its most ancient of times. Stories around the world and in every culture illustrate how "beings came from the sky, the sea, the stars" to teach us so much more than we can know on our own, in order to better our lives in the most basic and most intricate of ways.

It's time for us to understand that "ancient" does not necessarily mean primitive. Ancient ways were more holistic than our modern ways which are often narrowly focused in on only once facet of the bigger picture.

I also assist spirit people who have not completed their death transition ("ghosts") cross over into the Light. House hauntings and clearings are an important part of my work. I often find that spirits connected to a person, place, or thing, often have a story to tell, and I compassionately listen to their stories and then lovingly assist their transition. For flesh-and-blood people, this work lifts superstitions and brings an understanding about life after death of the physical body. For spirit people, it offers healing and freedom. 

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and offer the Initiatory transmissions called "Attunements" for those ready to reconnect with their own healing abilities.


I'm a natural born psychic Medium, having grown up in a "haunted" childhood, recognizing spirit people in my own home and everywhere I went. In addition to "ghosts," I was always aware of the presence of Angels and other Spirit Guides  who helped support me on my creative path, helped me to heal myself, and encouraged me to dream big despite limitations around me. 

In early 2012 I began to train as a Spiritualistm Medium under the guidance of an NSAC Certified Spiritualist Minister in San Francisco. Soon after I began training in the traditional Spirit Circle, I was invited by my teacher invited to become involved in the Spiritualist Center as a  weekly platform student Medium, Healer, and Inspired Speaker.

 I developed what became the popular Psychic Science Lecture Workshop Series, an interactive learning experience whose focus was on demonstrating how natural it is for us to use our psychic senses, which parallel our physical senses. Many other classes, workshops, and events followed, and then I was invited to become the full-time Advanced Mediumship training class teacher after my own teacher moved on.  I also developed the Mediumship Training for Beginners program, popular throughout the Bay Area. All of my classes and workshops are dynamic; full of information as well as practical application and exercises, drawing people from all belief systems including skeptics.

I was elected Secretary of the Board, serving for a year, then I served as a Trustee briefly after that before parting ways with the Center.

The material I teach is channeled from my Guides and is supplemented by my enrollment in the Morris Pratt studies. After several of my own students took classes at Arthur Findlay College in England, they reported to me that the material I was presenting was the same material being taught there. This illustrates an exciting element of working with Spirit Guides for me personally: they are like an encyclopedia of information, and they give me information as needed and later provide some evidence to its truth. 

Even though Spiritualist training focuses on providing evidence to the continuity of life after death of the physical body, my relationships with Cultural Spiritual Guides from many practices around the world has become my current focus. These guides have begun  teaching me the systems behind the modalities and rituals and practices. It's the best of both worlds,  learning about life and life after death of the physical body from relatives and Guides, and also learning Old Ways from the still-living ancient ones, through the  gift of mediumship itself.....karyncrisismedium@gmail.com

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"Italy's Witches and Medicine Women",  the name of Karyn Crisis' forthcoming book, is based on her research while living among locals in Italy (the Ligure Region of Italy, Toscana area, Benevento and Sanniti area, Rome, and Udine region, and more).  She's interviewed 23 Streghe, Nonna healers, authors (from Benevento, Rome and Naples, and Petruro Irpino), historians, museum directors, ancient folk story experts and etymologists, Inquisition researchers, Benandanti, and local women from healing lineages. She's translated documents from the National Archives. She's walked on remains of 2,000 year old Goddess temples, received healing treatments from Italian witches, learned about Europe's 500 year long Inquisition,  and crawled along the cobblestones where women were burned...and delved deep into the heart of what truly is an "Italian Witch."


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