​​Karyn Crisis is a Spirit Medium, communicating with and giving messages from the Spirit world of Guides, Goddesses, loved ones and friends. Having trained as a platform Medium under an NSAC certified Spiritualist Minister, her work with the Spirit world has become sought-after in the Bay Area in the form of: classes, workshops, private readings and public demonstrations.

Karyn is a  Teacher of Mediumship (the system of channeling and communicating with the Spirit World based on the Master Teachings) to beginners as well as already practicing Mediums, natural born sensitives, and psychic trainees. .

Her work has taken a turn towards historical recovery focused on reclaiming Ancient Wisdom received through the Old Ways. This feminine, receptive practice of devotional Mediumship offers empowerment in our modern times through connecting us to our still-living legacy of the Medicine Women, Wise Women, and “Witches” of the past, as well as to their Goddess Guides and Teachers.  Karyn’s own Guides are working with her to document these Master Teachings as they have been taught by Goddess Guides since ancient times.

After the Spirit world guided her towards finding the true story of "Italy's Witches and Medicine Women,"  Karyn is currently organizing her years of research into her book by same name. 

She will be returning to Italy for her third extensive stay among locals this summer. 

In the meanwhile, Karyn's been giving lectures with video and photos  of her research. She's also preparing guided Travel tours to Italy for others for next year. 

To have Karyn present lectures and workshops in tour area, please email: karyncrisismedium@gmail.com


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