This would eventually result in me being a published author of 2 books about my experiences and training in rural Italian medico-magical cures: 

"Italy's Witches and Medicine Women Vol 1",

and "Italian Magic : Secret Lives of Women"...

as well as a collection of stories of my experiences with the Spirit world when I was younger and still trying to 

make sense and order of it all.

My relationship with Guides in Spirit took me on a  a profound journey into history, and this would start in 2009, when my childhood Guide reconnected with me  in Tuscany, Italy, in a small guest house in the middle of olive fields in Castagneto Carducci.  Here I'd meet her as an adult, the spirit of an Italian witch, who began to teach me daily while my patient husband-to-be waited outside, writing songs under the pomegranate tree....where she'd 

take me on a proverbial journey to the underground

where all the buried feminine spiritual traditions have been buried by the patriarchy.

Channel, Medium, Author, Golden Bough School founder and Teacher, Energy Worker…Karyn Crisis is passionate about understanding how the Universe works from the perspective of Spirit.

Her Spirit Guided life is in deep co-creative partnership with the Spirit world and what the Spirit Helpers can offer as guidance for  navigating our exploration of what it means to be a limited human being with an unlimited eternal soul, experiencing embodiment  on earth, as well as what exists after we depart our physical bodies.

Karyn's work with Guides and helpers recognizes pervasive systems and order in the Universe and how we an use these

systems in according with Universal laws to improve our lives.

    Working together towards reclamation of pre-pagan

     feminine shamanism  of Italy and Old Europe's ancient past. 

Because my work is Spirit-guided, I often find myself surprised by the direction in which my Guides focus my expression, My work with the Spirit World, or rather their work with me, is continually expanding and changing,  which is one of the most exciting aspects of being a Channel: learning never ends.

Currently my work focuses on Readings that often offer takeaway tools and breakthrough moments, educating Channelers and Mediums on how to hone their skills and also helping beginners find their footing with precise tools, authoring more books,  teaching rural Italian traditions, and bringing ancient Abundance Goddess experiences alive through The Night School trances.




Photo by Bonnie Rae Mills, 2017


I work with a team of guides who include, but are not limited to,  helpers of the Great Mother Goddess: Cibele, Iside, Diana and Aradia, Ecate, La Signora del Gioco, various Angels and 

Saints and Madonnas who demonstrate their energies for others during workshops and classes, to name a prominent few. 

They are often part of my workshop demonstrations, so you

can experience them too.

It's a delight for me to teach you how simple it can be to

​connect with your own Guides as well, sometimes also checking in with passed -on relatives and loved ones for closure or with help connecting to lineage tradiotions.

Would you like to support my work but

aren't interested in buying a class?

I gratefully accept whatever you'd like

to offer. Thank you so very much!

I am a Channel, ​​

    communicating with and giving messages

          from the spirit world of Goddesses and Guides...

                 your ancestors...


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Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit CHANNEL

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My partnership with this Goddess team of Aradia, Cibele ,Ecate, Demeter, Iside, 

many Madonnas and female Saints  focuses on: anthropological documentation of living women in Italy who are part of Lineage

practices, from a spiritual  insider perspective...

              demonstrationof the Lineage practices I am initiated into...

teaching an organized system of clean, high-quality  communication with the Spirit World for daily life improvement akin to the Signora del Gioco's Spirit Circle tradition in Italy...  so that everyone can connect with their family traditions.

The spirit world is alive, after all, and our greatest resource to improving our "now"

and also reconnecting us with our past

through practical application.

"While aware of may abilities since childhood, I learned a great deal of what I know from the spirits around me that were as palpable as flesh and bone people. I developed relationships with  my various Guides at a young age, but it would be my brief and powerful training as a Spiritualist medium in 2012 that gave me the tools to organize all I’d learned from the Spirit world  and focus it into specific abilities, aided by my Guides,  that would catapult my spiritual service into the
breadth it is now.

With my focus on teaching and writing, my passion is for sharing knowledge that has been hidden. I'm an expert at 

reclamation  traditions and proving their validity and connection to the Universal Laws.