My partnership with this Goddess team of Cibele, Iside, Diana, and Aradia, focuses on: anthropological documentation of living women in Italy who are part of Lineage practices, from a spiritual  insider perspective

            demonstrationof the Lineage practices I am initiated into, 

teaching an organized system of clean, high-quality  communication with the Spirit World for daily life improvement akin to the Signora del Gioco's Spirit Circle tradition in Italy...  so that everyone can connect with their family traditions. The spirit world is alive, after all, and our greatest resource to improving our "now" and also reconnecting us with our "past,"

and practical application using pre-pagan female-created symbols and symbolic language for rirutal expression and experience.

Working together towards reclamation of pre-pagan

     feminine shamanism  of Italy and Old Europe's ancient past. 

Italy's Witches and Medicine Women WORDPRESS

Page! I started this website as a repository for articles

which go into depth about topics in my book-AND

I've invited some of my Italian friends to contribute 

articles about their practices!

Read more about me here:

I am a Spirit Medium, ​​

    communicating with and giving messages

          from the spirit world of Goddesses and Guides...


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Karyn Crisis  |  Spirit Medium





Photo by Bonnie Rae Mills, 2017