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READINGS with Davide Tiso

"My readings are humble offerings of intuitions gathered from the source through meditation and divination.

 I hold dear to me Shamanic and Buddhist concepts and I use them to enchant willpower, self control and self love.

I was born and raised in the Northeast of Italy where my father's family comes from, a city called Padua in the

Veneto region. My mother comes from Gioia Sannitica, a small village  close to the city of Caserta in the Southern

region of Campania. My upbringing is a mixture of Northern and Southern Italian traditions and beliefs.

For the past twenty years I've been channeling higher forces using music as a tool: I would be delighted to apply

music to our sessions if desired.

I privately study the psychological and spiritual repercussions of addictions, post traumatic  stress disorders and

family traumas.  I'm an INFJ and a selfless listener: my readings are a safe and compassionate shelter to be in."
-Davide Tiso,  email: davide.tiso.music@gmail.com